Soltra Edge®

Soltra Edge® is an industry-driven software that automates processes to share, receive, validate and act on cyber threat intelligence. It enables an end-to-end community defense model and changes the posture of cybersecurity defenders from reactive to proactive. Soltra Edge is the most widely used Cyber Threat Communications Platform for two-way sharing of cybersecurity information among peers, trust groups, communities and government.

The new 2.13.1 release is here and available for customers and by special invitation. 

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More than just a standard threat intelligence platform, Soltra Edge provides organizations with the next generation in cyber defense. This revolutionary platform enables users to identify, manage and facilitate the remediation of cyber threats. Soltra Edge provides a standardized, automated and centralized platform solution designed to dramatically reduce the time it takes for security analysts to understand threat information and take action to address it.

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  • “Technology resilience requires cyber-threat information sharing. Today's information sharing must occur at network speeds. Thanks to the contributions of hundreds of entities, Soltra Edge is truly created by users, for users, to enable real-time sharing. We are proud to be part of this effort and look forward to seeing steady adoption of the technology across the financial sector.” - Richard K. Davis, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, U.S. Bancorp
    U.S. Bancorp
  • Soltra Edge Platform Looks to Standardize Cyberthreat Information Sharing

    “One goal of the software is to shift more costs to attackers. If we force hackers to write four unique attacks, their costs go up. If we can share the information, the defender cost can go down.” - Mark Clancy, Former CEO of Soltra, CISO of Depository Trust
    CISO of Depository Trust
  • “The discussion of cyber security has moved out of the server room and into the board room. Defending against today's cyber threats and attacks often takes more than any one organization, it takes an industry working together. We see Soltra Edge as a pivotal part of our community defense efforts.” - Kelly King, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BB&T Corporation
    BB&T Corporation
  • Wall Street Teams Up to Try to Fight Hackers

    “Only the most nefarious threats bring intense competitors together in solidarity. Cyberwarfare is indeed an ominous enough threat to do just that. Cybersecurity organization Soltra was formed as a joint venture between two financial services groups to create Soltra Edge, a software program that shares information about security threats between more than 100 banks.” - Entrepreneur
  • Banks Ready New Defense Against Hackers

    “Wall Street soon will unveil its next line of defense against hackers. A group backed by the biggest banks plans early next month to launch a platform that would allow financial firms to communicate faster about potential cyber breaches, according to remarks to be made at an Internet-security conference Tuesday.” - Wall Street Journal